Huey watch #3

Huey just had a very fun experience! And right before his third birthday! (His bday is April 24) He had an adventure outside! I’m training him to be able to play outside. First he walked around a bit. Then he went to the edge of the porch and tried to eat grass. Huey then jumped on the outside couch and ‘asked’ for some cuddles. After he hopped down, he tried to eat dandelions. I pulled him away as he was just about to take a bite. Then I saw bug and freaked out, picked Huey up and on the couch. Then I realized I scared the bug and chilled out. I put him back down and he rolled in the shade. (Which was a smart idea on a hot day like this) He is loving the outdoors! Then I took him in and he got freaked out by the vacuum. It took me about five to ten minutes to get him upstairs for a bath. It was  his first time to be bathed by a human so I was easy on him and just took a towel, soaked it, and rubbed it against him. By this time he was begging to get OUT of the bathroom. So, I quickly picked him up and dried him. He was suprisingly calm for his first bath. Then I let him out and went into a bedroom. So yeah, Huey had a great experience, and many more to come. <3 🙂IMG_20160417_100914631