Cat Talk Show Explanation

You may ask, What do these characters look like? Or Do these characters mean or represent something? Or maybe even Do these characters live in some kind of magical clan? The answer is yes to all of those.

They started a clan called PoofClan. Here are the magical alliengeses (or however you spell it :p)

Leader Maple a tall tortioseshell she-cat with teal eyes.

Deputy Poptart a tall, shaggy furred, brown tom with amber eyes

Medicine Cat Furball A fluffy, cream she-cat with light brown tabby markings.


Rainbow A cream she-cat with dark cream, light brown, and dark brown flecks, rose tipped ears, and aqua eyes.

Brownie A tall, brown tom with crimson tipped ears and green eyes.

Lupine A light brown tabby she-cat with rose ears, paws, and tail tip and amber eyes.

Wish Dark brown she-cat with cream and light brown splashes and brown eyes; Oldest warrior


Cupcake A light russet she-cat with rose paws and amber eyes; mentor=Rainbow


Gravy A dark cream she-cat with a graying muzzle and golden and brown flecks.

Storm A tall gray tom with blue eyes; oldest cat in PoofClan.

Sea A black she-cat with a graying muzzle and brown eyes; Oldest she-cat in PoofClan.

Who they represent?

Every member of the clan represents a family member. Cool right? 🙂 Some of them sort of look like they do real life some not really but I like it 🙂



Furball= sister

Rainbow= sister

Brownie= brother

Lupine= second niece (i think? my cousin’s daughter so,)

Wish= cousin; Lupines mother

Cupcake= second cousin (I think? mom’s cousin’s daughter so,)

Gravy= mom

Storm= dad

Sea= second aunt (I think? Cupcake’s mom)

So yeah hope you like it 🙂 BYE


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