Warrior names guess #1!

Hello every fluff! Welcome to Guess That Warrior! This is a game where I write a poem about a warrior and you guess who it is! I pick three winners and they gain a point!  I pick one of the first, middle, and last. Usually the first I see. Don’t copy others answers. They could be wrong and it is completely unfair. Guess who you think! Who ever has the most points at the end of 16 rounds so 4 months of GTW. They will go on the Hall of Fame. This is based off of Flame That Shines Like Sun’s NTA from BlogClan. You can also say hi to me there as I am Maplekit. 🙂

This medicine cat was loyal to her clan,

Even if it meant being Banned,

Even though Her broken heart

Would always be broken apart

She stayed strong

with beautiful songs

We have Deer and Sage to Thank

For this medicine cat of the great

~Maplekit (Madison) 🙂


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