The Real Huey

That other post was by my dad as an example and meow, so this is what Huey is really like.

Huey is a big sweetie pie! <3 He is so adorable and fluffy! He LOVES cuddling. His gray and white fur sticks out everywhere! And his icy blue eyes are HUGE!

We got him at a Pet Smart near by. He was smallest, and sleepiest of his brothers. His brothers were Dewey and Louie. Now he has an adopted brother named Shadow. If you want to learn more about Shadow kitty just go on over to that page of his :).

I like pretending Huey and Shadow are warrior cats. They really act like even though they aren’t  outside fluffies. I think Shadow would be more of like Squirrelflight, a jokester, good hunter, and michevious. Huey would be more like maybe Leafpool and be smart, and sweet. And break the ‘code’  from time to time. So basically if Leafpool and Squirrelflight were toms or if Firestar and Sandstorm had toms before *SPOILER* they both died. And yes *SPOILER* Sandstorm dies. D’: If you knew do u cri every time :'( So sad.


If Huey were a warrior what would you think his name would be? Hmmm. LEAFCATCHER! Why? You may ask. Because every time he sneaks outside he tries catching leaves. x3 Maybe Shadow’s would be Runningfoot. He is very fast and like I said, he would be a great hunter! He is basically our bug exterminator. x3.

BYE BYE!! ~ Maplekit (Madison)

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