The Cat Talk Show episode 3 Season 1


Poptart and Rainbow: THE CAT TALK SHOW!!!!

Lupine: Hi, I’m a new host here! I’m Lupine!

Cupcake: Hi! I’m a new host here too! I’ve been an apprentice long enough and my mentor Rainbow said I could host too!

Brownie: Lupine is a new warrior of PoofClan and Cupcake has now been an apprentice for two moons!

Furball: Any who, we talk to famous cats such as bloggers, Youtubers, Internet sensations, Actors, and more! As you might remember our first two episodes were fails. Let’s see if we can clear it out.

Maple: Well, the first episode mostly…. anyway today we have Grumpy Cat and Pokey!


Furball: Stop fangirling and let me get them.

Maple: Welcome to The Cat Talk Show!  Rainbow here when she stops fangirling is gonna give you some cards. You read the question and answer it.

Tardar: On a scale from one to ten how annoying is your sibling? Erm, maybe a six.

Pokey: Hey! Six.

Tardar: GRR! RAWR!

Brownie: Next question please!

Pokey: Grr. Why don’t you make your parents grumpy too? Because we don’t want too much grumpiness plus, me Tardar want to be the only grump-a-lumps.

Tardar: Also I’m afraid to be caught by Crystal and she’ll hug us as punishment.

Pokey: Oh yeah! That too!

Tardar: What is the best thing about being famous? Er, nothing. Me and Pokey are just normal cats who are rich from memes and donating, also our cuteness is priceless.

Pokey: TARDAR FOR PRESIDENT! This is for you Grump. If you hate cat memes so much why are you so famous for them?

Tardar: Humans taking pictures of my beautiful face and riting on it is how! So insulting!

Poptart: Agreed. If I had two-legs in my face all the time and writing on my photos would be quite annoying.

Tardar: Tardar, who’s taking care of your compaign for president? Pokey the magical is. And if I make it he’ll be my vice president.

Pokey: YAY! Ouestion six, how do you grumpy siblings get along so well? Because we are both so grumpy we think alike and can read each others minds! Like right now Tardar is thinking about her meme that says ‘I’m not saying I don’t like you, but if you were to be hit by a bus I’d be driving that bus’. See? I’m Pokey the magical.

Maple: Wow, are most successful so far was with the grumpy siblings! Can’t wait to tell Rice this!

Poptart:  See you next time on the… CAT TALK SHOW!!!!!!!!


How’d ya like it guys?


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