You might have seen me talk about Huey, time to discuss Shadow BABY!!

Shadow is soo cute. He is black and white and as cute as Grumpy cat and Pokey combined! Even though he doesn’t look like the famous floofs.

He loves playing. And eating…. also sleeping. x3 i’ll show you. 60% Playing, 20% eating 20% sleeping. He is even eating as I speak! And lapping up some water,

As I said in my Real Huey post I like pretending my cats are warrior cats. I think Shadow would be like Squirrelflight. His name would probably be Runningfoot because of his swift moves and hunting techniques. He is basically our bug exterminator, if there is a spider or a fly, “SHADOW!” 

He may be as cute as a button, but don’t let the cuteness fool you… HE IS REALLY A FEROCIOUS BEAST!!!!!  You should see what he did to our kitty archway/scratcher. He ripped it up after scratching it up a few months.

He was one of our mom’s (me, Rainbowkit, Poptart, Brownie, and Furrball’s) birthday presents. So he is almost a year. My mom begged for another kitten. Huey wasn’t fond of his new brother at first, but now they are bfsw! Best Friend Sumo Wrestlers! x3


That is all about Shadow for now! ~ Maplpekit (Madison)