<3 He and Huey were so cute. So, Huey was ‘patrolling’ his territory and Rainbowkit wanted to see if Shadow could handle a lesson outside. So she took him out, and he was like. NUPE and ran back in, then Rainbowkit took him outside AGAIN and closed the door, then he ran around, tried to use the land as a litter box then chase after a butterfly, he made his nest in the kitty den, (A patch of dead grass and hay we line with some leaves and ferns for nests) he and Huey played a bit, they ate and drank. Huey tried to hunt (as always) and then when he finally got tired I took pictures of him relaxing. 😛

IMG_20160617_170756625 IMG_20160617_170803397 IMG_20160617_170807266_HDRIMG_20160617_170750152 He’s so cute!

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