Random Facts about Huey and Shadow


  1. Huey is scared of balloons
  2. Huey loves wet food with gravy
  3. Huey is a triplet, his brothers are Dewey and Louie
  4. He and his brothers are named after the duck triplets
  5. Huey has the same birthday as my dad
  6. Huey and Shadow’s anniversaries for us getting them are about two weeks apart.
  7. Huey sheds all the time, some how is hair even gets into the stove and oven and fridge???! OoO O-O
  8. Huey is most likely and birman and munchkin mix looking at his genes,
  9. Huey naps half the day, in my mom’s room…..his favorite spot
  10. He likes laying or sitting in the sun….also known as suntanning 😛


  1. Shadow is secretly a bug exterminator
  2. Shadow is very chubby 😛
  3. Shadow doesn’t meow, he mews and murrs 😛
  4. Shadow is terrified of toys that act weird around him
  5. Shadow is scared of loud noises
  6. Shadow likes sleeping with me 😛
  7. Shadow likes me and my mom’s rooms
  8. Shadow’s best friend is his adopted brother, and mentor, Huey 😛 <3
  9. Shadow is the only one who was tuxedo/black and white in is litter, the rest were cute little brown tabbies
  10. Shadow likes playing with anything smallish that moves

Yep ten random facts about the evil kitties………………………

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