Sunkit is shy and sweet. Known to be mellow. He is a great hunter with his quiet personality. He can be startled by new things and a bit skittish at times. He is a little bit mysterious as well. Sunkit is a good listener and follows the rules. 


She is almost the polar opposite of her brother. She is loud, and fearless! And extrovert. She is a excellent fighter and can name many herbs from her punishments in the medicine den. She is a rule breaker. SHe can be annoying sometimes and super silly. 



She is fun and sweet. SHe cheers her friends up with her happy jokes and bright personality. Oceankit is a bold and amazing swimmer and blends into the water with her blue-grey pelt. Her best friend and companion is Syrupkit. 


Dapple Shell tends to have her head in a bees nest. She tends to stir up trouble when it isn’t needed. As an apprentice she checked the elders for ticks almost every day. She doesn’t pay attention much. Her best companions are Greykit and Stormy Night. 


Greykit is known to be grumpy and intelligent. She is easily annoyed and is called by her friends Grumpy Cat. She knows all the herbs even though she isn’t a medicine cat. She can name all hunting crouches and show them. She can do all fighting moves and name all of them. She can blade through the water with swimming. Her only weakness is seeing her friends hurt or weak. 


Stormy Night is happy and a little shy. He is known to care for everyone and have a good laugh. He likes playing with his friends and hanging out with his best companions. Him, Greykit, and Dapple Shell have a great connection together and are always a team and going on an adventures. 

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