Let’s discuss a Warriors Character! #1 Yellowfang


And Welcome to Let’s Discuss A Warriors Character! Today we will talk about Yellowfang, my favorite.

First I will talk about some negatives. And yes I do have negatives.

  1. Why didn’t she ever show her powers in ThunderClan? You’d think she’d at least share with Cinderpelt.
  2. Why didn’t she at least try to ask Cedarstar to make Brokenkit her apprentice? It could’ve changed who Brokenstar became and easily effect a lot of stuff.
  3. Why didn’t she become mates with Raggedstar in StarClan? Bluestar and Oakheart did. So why wouldn’t she?

Now some positives.

  1. Her story is good. A heartbroken medicine cat who got exiled by her own son for no reason and taken in by another clan became their medicine cat and die in the smoke from a fire?  Give me three reasons it’s not a good storyline.
  2. Her sarcasim. It’s hilarious in points.  i think she taught Cinderpelt some sarcasim too! x3
  3. She’s caring under her toughness. She cares about every cat in her clan and is very loyal.

We basically just made a pros and cons organizer. Let’s make it a Pros and Cons list now!


Her story

Her sarcasim

Her caringness (Cuz that’s a word)


Never showed powers in ThunderClan

Never asked for Brokenkit as an apprentice

Never became mates in StarClan with Raggedstar.

Now let’s talk about her looks/name.

Her name doesn’t match her looks at all. Why did Brightflower name her Yellowkit? Her eyes? They’re orangey though.  So I doubt it. Yellowfang? She doesn’t have a yellow tooth. -_-

I don’t like that she has a flattened muzzle. Where does she get it from? Her mom has it but where did her mom get it from?

Also, isn’t Bluestar older than her? Then why in stuff they make it seem like Yellowfang is older or the same age. it annoys me.

In my opinion her name should be Yellowbird/fall, Orange-eyes, or Silvermuzzle/fur.  Meow.


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