Let’s Discuss a Warrior #3-Berrynose

Ahhh, Berrystumpytail , a bossy one 😛 . Not liked much by the Warriors Community. I looked at a poll thing and he was third in most annoying warriors.  Now for the talk.



Well, when he was kit he was cute, adventurous, (that’s how he lost his tail though.) and most important-FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All kits NEED to be fluffy. As an apprentice he was pretty nice, silly, daring, getting into funny little fights with other apprentices. Now for when he was a warrior, it EVEN SAID THIS N THE WARRIOR WIKI 😛 he became SUPER bossy, annoying, and VERY VERY controlling. He ordered apprentices around like slaves. Berrynose, you need to have a meeting with Lincoln about the slave thing.  😛 Hollypaw(leaf) said to Honeypaw(fern) all she can see in him is pride and scorn when Honeypaw was “mooning” over Berrynose. He is also very rude and boastful. I bet if I looked up ‘Bossy’ in a Warrior Cat Dictionary, I would see Berrynose’s name as the definition. However, he was a good father. And very insane about Poppyfrost and his kits before they were born. He’s been getting a little better though.

MOST Annoying Thing EVER…..

  1. Pulling A Berrynose-SO, he was mates with Honeyfern, chattin’ about kits, and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Then, Honeyfern gets attacked by a snake. He cies and sits vigil for her death and then, literally one day later, NOPE NEVAMIND! HONEY NEVAA EXISTED HER SISTER IN GOOD ENOUGH! And runs over to Poppyfrost for affection. 


So, he’s a cream tabby tom with a torn ear tip and a stump for a tail. And amber eyes. He’s pretty nice looking. He looks like his mother, only one in his litter to, NOW ON TO PICTURES.

A wonderful drawing of him by Starburst565.


A nice photo of him. I do not know the artist though,

Another good drawing by Zolairty



HE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A BERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( He’s not ginger, he’s not blue-grey, he doesn’t have purple eyes! WHY IS HIS PREFIX BERRY???? D:< DAISY WHY DID YOU NAME YOUR KIT BERRY WHEN HE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A BERRY! Cream or ICE CREAM or Donut or Sun or Horse or CAKE or or or OR UM UH CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA OR MILK EVEN! Berrynose? His nose is pink but….it makes you think he has a berry for a nose. Berrytail or Berryfern would’ve been nice. Berryfrost too. Berrytail would be nice because his tail is like a tiny wittle berry! Berryfern and Berryfrost I just like. 😛


That’s all for now on…………………………………LET’S DISCUSS THAT WARRIOR!

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