Let’s discuss a warrior #2: Snowfur!

Today I, Maplepool/kit shall talk about our beloved Snowfur! ^-^


Positive things A.K.A Happiness

She was sweet and caring. She’s the reason for one of our most EPIC cats Whitestorm! Without her we would have no EPIC Whitestorm! She got to Thistleclaw’s good side.

Negative Things

Do I have negative things to say about this cat? O,O Maybe I don’t. Maybe her leaving camp leaving Whitekit all alone in the cold nursery only to o get into a fight and get hit by a monster and die. -_-

AHH SHE’S SO PRETTY! (I do not own the art)

 This picture is too cute. TOO CUTE. NOT GONNA DI-*dies*

Wook at wittle Whitekit look at his daddy! <3 TOO ADORABLE! AHHHH! *dies*


I like how some people draw her with the black spots under her eyes, IT MAKES HER LOOK SO PRETTY!


So yeah, that’s Snowfur, she’s a great character! <3

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