Okay, welcome to Guess That Warrior! This is where I put a quote or poem or something like that about a warrior and you get to guess which warrior/medicine cat/apprentice/kit/whatever it’s about! Here’s the rules. P.S I changed the rules and the way we play a bit if you remember the original which was a wreck 😛

  • Do NOT copy other kitties answers, I have a chainsaw with me. Guess who you truly think, it’s okay if it’s the same, but no COPYING.
  • Only one guess please!
  • I have a chainsaw with me, break the rules, and er, the chainsaw might have some blood…………..*laughs innocently*

OKAY. Now that we have the rules,  let’s talk about leader boards and winning, the FIRST SECOND AND THIRD to guess correct get a point, the person who has the most points at the end of 20 rounds wins a magical cookie of magical magicness. Yep, then a new game is started and a new leader board decides to come in because the old leader board has to retire. Okay, first thingamabobber. (That took me forever to spell)

With fur of a cloud this cat is has a sharp tongue,

Though with bright skies he is sweet,

With personality aside he is friendly to most,


Yep, guess cause that’s all I can think of XD

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