Endangered Species

 HAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today we are talking about a very serious topic that I think is very, very, important. Endangered animals.

   Amur Leopard

The Amur Leopard is a very important animal. The are important ecologically, economicly, and cultarully. There are less than a hundred of these beautiful animals left.  They are poached for they beautiful spotted fur. They benefit more animals then their selves. Such as deer.


As you most likely know the pandas are a very special animal. They are play a big part of bamboo control. Bamboo grows and grows and grows. Due to pandas living in forests of it, and people always wanting to get rid of it, they lose much habitat and are dying off. Another thing I learned from a book we’re reading in class is that when the bamboo dies, they go off to farms and beg for food.


Bengal Tiger

A bengal tiger has less than 2,500 left of them. Many things have happened to them. Like habitat loss, being poached and traded, they’ve been killed by angry villagers. They help save acres, and acres of land.


                                                                   Rhinos and Elephants

You may think that rhinos and elephants are similar because of there coloring and horns. But there is a way more important way they are similar! They are both endangered!  Elephants help maintain the forest. They are killed because of their ivory tusks. They also suffer much habitat loss. Rhinos are VERY important. Protecting rhinos can protect several other species. Such as elephants, buffalo, and small game. They are killed for their horns like elephants. Rhinos contribute to economic growth and more. If I haven’t said enough to convince you about these to i’m suprised.



Orcas. Or the term (that i don’t like -_-) killer whale. Are endangered too you know. One reason for this is sicknesses they’re getting. Also pollution. And a way to show they ARE sick or sad? Their fin down, and floppy, killing people, *cough watch Black Fish your allowed to see what I mean cough* and weird attitude changes. MEOW.


You may be like, OMIGAWSH SHARKS ARE EVIL AND MEAN NOT ENDANGERED! But let me tell you some things about the past few years. In 2014 only 7 people were killed because of a shark attack. 63,000,000-274,000,000 sharks were killed by humans. -_-  In 2015 more people died from SELFIES than shark attacks. SELFIES. #becarefultakingselfies


Conclusion Thingamabobber 

How can I help? You may ask. You can do many things to help. Like if someone in your family hunts sharks, tell them to S-T-O-P STOP. You could possibably donate money, or help preserve habitats or try to help make laws. But if you can’t do anything crazy like that taking in a little kitty or puppy would be absolutely fine. Thank you for reading this. 🙂 ~Maple



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