A little story………..

I’m writing a story for you guys for some practice at writing! <3


                                           Kits In StarClan l


                          Mosskit watched as Wishkit tumbled onto Hopekit. But suddenly instead of play-fighting like the kits normally did, Wiskit got off of Hopekit. Hopekit looked very confused and didn’t get it. Wishkit padded over to Mosskit and sat down. “Why isn’t my brother here? And why did mommy kill him? Twice?” Wishkit asked. Mosskit didn’t know what to say. She had assumed Raggedstar and Yellowfang would have said something. But apparently they hadn’t. “Let me tell you a story.”  Said Mosskit and this is where it all began.


                         Brokenstar, your brother, was harming the clans. He broke the warrior code many times during his leadership. He even killed your father. And killed Ferncloud. He framed your mother for killing Mistkit and Marigoldkit. And did even more terrible things like getting rid of the elders.


                        “My brother isn’t evil!” Retorted Wishkit holding back tears, obviously not sure if she meant what she said. “Oh, but he is……..” Yellowfang came up behind them over-hearing their conversation. “Tell me it’s not true mommy!” Wishkit pleaded, crying. Yellowfang nuzzled her daughter and leaned down to her. “He is evil. And it’s my fault.” Yellowfang meowed. “No it isn’t. He did it as his own will…… right?” Hopekit mewed butting in. “Maybe you’re right Hopekit.” Said Yellowfang.


                        Yellowfang yawned as she woke up to Raggedstar pretending he was a hungry fox and the kits were warriors,  taking him down. “Oh hungry fox don’t hurt my kits!” Yellowfang chuckled. Bluestar and Oakheart laughed. “Oh no! No the hungry badger is helping the fox!” Oakheart laughed getting up. The kits screeched playfully and batted tails, unsheathing their tiny claws to try and ‘hurt’ the badger and fox.


                      Willowbreeze watched as Willowkit hopped onto Oakheart’s back. “Ah! The badger has been defeated by the little apprentice!” Oakheart laughed falling down. Willowkit hopped off of him and went to Rag-no the hungry fox. “Get the back up patrol Marigoldk-petal!” Yowled Hopekit, pretending to be Hopestar. Marogoldkit ran over to Hollykit, Larchkit, Juniperkit, and Dandelionkit. “We need the you back up patrol!” Marigoldkit mewed. The kits nodded and ran back to Raggedstar, the hungry fox. “You mouse-brained fox!” Mosskit yipped. “Mosskit, don’t say that. Especially not to a leader.” Bluestar warned. Mosskit nodded and went back  to playing.


“The fox has been defeated! There’s enough meat to go around for KitClan!” Chirped Hopekit. The cats laughed and it was now just a normal day at last.

       The art belongs to SleepySharks. 

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